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Frequently asked questions

  • Can I customize a bouquet?
    You can email us or WhatsApp us at +65 8887-3028 your inquiry. How do I know what products are available? ​ All bouquets will be available for ordering unless stated otherwise. Any other flower availability issues will be informed by FLOWERPLUS.CO in advance, customers reserve the right to change or cancel orders if informed main flower not available after your purchase. How does the delivery work? ​ All products purchased on our website includes free island wide * delivery for the following time slots:
  • gifts vouchers
    All Gift Vouchers have a validity of 6 months from date of issue. No gift vouchers can be used in conjunction with discount codes. All vouchers are valid for one-time use only. The gift voucher is valid on all items on our website, it does not apply to items purchased physically in our studio. Gift Vouchers are transferable but not exchangeable for cash refunds.
  • Refund policy
    Exchanges / Refunds - All goods sold are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. - In the event of a complaint, please email the picture of the gift within 24 hours from the time received. - FLOWERPLUS.CO and its management promises to look into each case and reserves the right to the conclusion.
  • flower care
    Flowers are just like us, they need love and care to keep them happy. Take them out of the water and packaging we have sent them in. To last as long as possible they need fresh, clean water daily and if possible re-cut their stems every 2 days to prevent rotting. Where you can, ensure they are not placed in direct sunlight…..they prefer the cool and calm. If you would like to prolong the life of your flowers even further, you can add a sterilisation tablet to the water, for example Milton. If you have any queries or issues with your flowers, please contact us with photos within 3 days. Replacement flowers may be sent at our discretion, however this will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
  • Valentine Day inquiry
    Due to the large number of orders created over Valentine’s Day period, and to ensure a smooth delivery service, we are not able to make any changes or cancellations to orders from the 10th to the 15th of February, after the 10th of February. We are unable to guarantee any timed delivery requests over Valentine’s Day Period. Orders will be delivered by 5 pm to businesses and by 10 pm to residential addresses.
  • The bouquet delivered looks different from the picture on the website.
    All pictured products on website are made by our own florists, all photos are taken with real products. All copyrights are reserved by FLOWERPLUS.CO. However, please understand that no florist can make two exactly the same bouquets as flora design is a human art. Slightly different arrangements and wrapping styles are normal, we guarantee that we will use the correct components (flowers/ number of flowers/ wrapping paper) for your order. What if the delivery failed?
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